about us


about us

Hi! My name is Debbie Clatsoff. I am the Founder and President of Golden Guardians.

In 2000, I was licensed to sell Life and Health Insurance. For 15 years, I sold family health Insurance plans for the largest health insurance carrier in Florida. In 2015, my mom was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, I became her caretaker. I took her to all of her doctor’s appointments, cancer treatments and hospital visits.

During this process, I learned how to navigate home healthcare and then eventually hospice. I also learned that people are dropped into Medicare at age 65 without any knowledge on what to do or where to begin. Medicare beneficiaries are then forced to educate themselves on this confusing program. After my mom passed away, I decided to open iWill Advisors, Inc. and focus on providing a free education to Medicare Beneficiaries on all of their options. iWill Advisors, Inc. represents every major national carrier for Medicare, so we are able to provide an unbiased education on every health plan option.

Since the opening of iWill Advisors, Inc., my work family and I have experienced more hardship with doctors’ offices, pharmacies and hospitals. My assistant, Courtney, lost her Grandmother in July of 2019 after she was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Courtney was by her Grandma’s side advocating for her in the Doctors’ offices, Cancer Treatment Facilities, pharmacies and hospitals. In May of 2020, I lost my dad unexpectedly due to complications during an emergency surgery. During the strange times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our healthcare system changed drastically. We had to learn how to navigate the health system in a whole new way. Through all of our stressful experiences dealing with Medicare and the Health Insurance Companies, we take such pride in helping other moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas get the healthcare they deserve.

We have grown extremely close to our iWill Advisors, Inc. clients. We have gone above and beyond to assist our clients with all of their healthcare needs. We began advocating for them when they could not get a doctor appointment in a reasonable time frame, when their Prescription Drugs were declined, when they were billed improperly by doctors and hospitals, and so much more. There is a huge need for advocacy for Medicare Beneficiaries. In the first 5 years of iWill Advisors, Inc. opening, my agency had grown so much that we needed to expand in order to continue assisting our clients the way they deserve.

With that being said… We are proud to have opened Golden Guardians as a Health Advocacy Service to all Medicare Beneficiaries. For less than a dollar a day, we will advocate for you when you need someone in your corner. We have come to realize that many Medicare Beneficiaries do not have a spouse or child that can assist them with their healthcare needs. That’s where we step in. We understand that taking care of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., can be extremely stressful. Our advocacy service will help with that. If they have a problem or question, let us find the solution. We will hold your hand through the process and find the best solution for you and them. All you should worry about is your family’s health, we will take care of your healthcare.

Come join Golden Guardians. Let us be your Golden Guardians and treat you just like family.


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